5161 W Ridge Rd Spencerport, New York 14559
(585) 352-8484

Information & Hours

We will keep you updated on opening day!

Get ready to be scared!

Ticket Window opens approximately 6:00pm

Hayrides begin at DUSK
Tickets Sold: Friday and Saturday until 10:30 pm
Tickets Sold: Sunday until 9:30 pm

Entire experience is approximately 35-40 minutes (including the haunted corn maze)

NOT recommended for Children 8 and under

PRICE:  $24 per person  (this includes NYS Sales Tax) NEW FOR 2019! 

Tickets only sold at the door this year.

 (Sorry, no  credit  cards chip readers slow the lines)  INCLUDES OUR  HAUNTED CORN MAZE!!

We honor our Military & Veterans –  PRICE: $15 with each Military/Veteran ID  (available only at ticket window)

No group rates, we offer a WAGON RATE:  PRICE: $650 plus tax -if you have 2 or 40 people to obtain your own wagon.  (40 people fit on a wagon; some will be in the middle)  We do not take reservations or guarantee a time – first come, first served. .  One person would go through the line to get boarding passes, then meet your party at a designated location.  YOU WILL ALL BE TOGETHER ON A WAGON!  We just cannot guarantee you a specific time.


  • You will be on a working farm – appropriate shoes and proper caution required
  • No food or beverage of ANY type allowed on premises this INCLUDES ALCOHOL
    • Violation of this policy will result in immediate removal from property with no refunds
  • No cameras/flash of any type  (INCLUDING CELL PHONES)
  • Warning:  We use Fog and Strobe Lighting for those with asthma – heart related and epileptic history
  • We are not responsible for lost cell phones and we cannot stop the ride to look for them. It is best to leave them in the car/purse/zipped pocket. If you choose to ignore the above rule and your cell phone flies out of your hand,  we are a working farm and our staff will not have time to look for it until January when we are closed for the Season.    This includes the Haunted Corn Maze.   If your cell phone gets lost in there, it will not survive the combining of the corn.
  • Please do not throw anything off the wagon or at each other
  • Please do not touch our actors

These rules are for your protection and the protection of others.  Failure to comply will have you removed from the premises immediately without refund.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

 No refunds given once you’ve paid for your ticket or boarded the wagon

Food Concessions – Snacks sold in the Barn – Nancy’s Fried Dough & Funnel Cakes