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Why did you stop selling tickets at Wegmans?

Two reasons.  First, you complained, we listened!  We received too many complaints that you still had to wait in line for a boarding pass if you purchased your ticket at Wegmans.   Second, since minimum wage rose again this year, that means our payroll costs increased too.   Instead of increasing the admission price this year to offset these continued labor increases, we decided to leave the admission price at $24 so everyone saves that dollar.


Do you take reservations?  

No, first come, first served

Do you have group rates? 

No, we offer a WAGON RATE. THIS IS OUR BEST DEAL (only available at ticket window) If you have 2 or 45 people, the wagon rate is one price (see information and hours tab). This guarantees you a wagon for your group. Up to 45 people can fit on a wagon, some will be in the middle of the wagon.   For example, if our Wagon rate is $650 plus tax ($702 total) divide that by 45 people, each person would pay $15.66 each. If you have 40 people, each person would pay $17.55 … and so on.  YOU WILL ALL BE TOGETHER ON ONE WAGON if you have 45 people or less!  If you have more that 40-45 people, you will need more than one wagon.   See Information and Hours.

How long does it take?

The entire experience takes approximately 30 to 35 minutes including the Haunted Corn Maze.

Do I still have to wait in line if I won tickets on the radio?

Yes. Guest Passes won on the radio and donation passes must be exchanged for a boarding pass.

How long is the wait?

We are a very popular event in the Rochester area and there are long wait times; especially on Friday and Saturday nights. There are too many variables to be able to give you an exact timeframe; expect to make a night of this.

Can I drop off my kids and wait for them in the barn?

Anyone under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult through the entire experience. This means a parent or guardian must pay and ride with your youngsters. VerHulst Nurseries, LLC dba Cobble Creek Farm (Home of the VerHulst Haunted Hayride) is not responsible for the actions of minors while not in the presence of their parent or guardian.

Do you run in the rain?

Yes we do, but we reserve the right to cancel in thunder and lightning.

Is the military discount for just the veteran or the entire family?

As much as we respect the sacrifice of our military families as well, the discount is only for the active military person or a veteran with proper military ID

Is there a kid’s price?

No. It is all the same price. They take a seat and we do not allow children sitting on laps of adults for safety and insurance reasons.  We do not even recommend this experience for children 8 years old and younger.

Is there food?

Yes. We have Nancy’s Fried Dough Food Vendor,  and our own food concession stand in the barn with snacks and drinks.

Can I bring my baby?

We do not recommend our hayride for anyone under 8 years old. Everyone who rides must be seated at all times. And again, for insurance reasons, we do not allow anyone to sit on the lap of another person.

How scary is the ride?

It is scary and has a high startle effect in many places. There are two places where you get off and walk amongst the ghouls and goblins. We do not recommend it for people with heart problems, pregnant women, people prone to seizures, (we use strobes and flashing lights) or persons who are prone to high anxiety.

Is the Ride Wheelchair Accessible?

In a way, yes. If the individual can be lifted to a seat on the wagon by a family member or friend we have a spot to keep wheelchairs until the ride is over. There are two parts of the hayride where customers get off and walk, but the individual can remain on the wagon and forgo these two parts of the ride if necessary.

Can I wear my own costume?

No. No masks or costumes are allowed at our hayride.  No exceptions – for the safety of you and our employees.  Not negotiable.

Will I get hit or touched by the ghouls?

You may get touched by a ghoul who is trying to get on or off the wagon to enhance the scare for our guests. If you kick, hit, spit on, etc. any of our staff, you will be escorted off the premises by our Security Staff and the Monroe County Sherriff’s office will be called immediately.

Why do you have rules?

First and foremost, to ensure the safety of you, our other customers and our employees.  This is not our first rodeo.  Experience has proven such that we are forced to create such rules because we want everyone to have fun safely.   Common sense may be just that to you (and we are grateful for that!)  But let’s face it, it is a lost art form.  As the sign says at our ticket window “You are on a working farm, your common sense is appreciated”  The rules are in place to protect everyone.

Why can’t we take pictures?

You can take all the pictures you wish BEFORE you board the wagons. Our actors in the field have acclimated to the dark. If you snap flash photos into the faces of our employees, the light is blinding and serious falls and injury can occur. Also, if you have your phone out and you drop it, we do not stop the ride or allow for you to come back the next day to look for it. A dropped cell phone may not survive the hundreds of tires that roll through our fields on a daily basis. Or, it may not survive the combining of the corn maze in November.

Do you do birthday parties?

No, we do not. We do not have the space to offer birthday parties.

Do you have to get off the wagon and walk back or can you stay on the entire time?

You do not have to get off to ‘walk back’ to the barn.  There are two parts you do walk thru,  an area where you get off, walk along a haunted grove, then get back on the wagon.  You can tell your Wagon Guide that you wish to stay on the wagon and not take part in our walk-thru (but that is a fan favorite for sure!).  Then there is the Corn Maze is at the end of the ride.  This is also an option for you, but is included in the admission fee.  You can stay on the wagon if you want to ride back to the barn.