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Our first and foremost objective has always been to keep our employees and customers safe.  It is with this in mind, and with deep regret, that we announce there is no safe way to run the VerHulst Haunted Hayride this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  After much consideration, tossing different ideas around and the many discussions our family has had on “how can we run our event this year?” we have determined we cannot possibly social distance everyone on our property (or on the wagons) and still run the hayride safely and successfully.  Those that have been to our farm before, know the lines can be long and social distancing would have you waiting until New Year’s to board the wagon.  To have to enforce mask-wearing for everyone and social distance folks six feet apart would be next to impossible; even with the best Security Staff around.  The community we serve is a top priority for us.  We do not want to be the business that adds to the problem.  The VerHulst family strives to be part of the solution; not the problem.  We will not risk the possibility that our event could potentially add to the uptick in cases they are predicting for this fall.  We understand this is a disappointment for everyone, as it is for us.  We look forward to next year and thank all of our loyal customers for understanding the difficult decision we were forced to make.  See you in 2021!